3 Tips To Help You Clean Your Pellet Insert

If you are intimidated about purchasing a pellet stove because of the cleaning process, you shouldn’t be. You just have to know what steps to take. Use these 3 tips to help keep your pellet stove in peak condition.

1.Every Day

Check your burn pot or firepot, scrape it down and clean it well, and clean the glass when it is cool with glass cleaner. Also check for clinkers that may build up in the firebox and block air ducts, and shake them out to help maintain optimum airflow.

2.Every Once in a While

Although pellet stoves don’t generate nearly the same amount of soot and ashes as wood stoves, they still need to have them removed, typically about once or twice a week or for every ton of pellets. Make sure to empty the ash drawer before starting a new fire.

3.Understand When to Call a Professional

Homeowners can do some pellet stove cleaning steps, while others may require a professional, such as:

• Cleaning behind the fire chamber
• Cleaning the hopper and fuel system
• Cleaning exhaust pipes and ventilation systems

Scheduling the time for these cleanings is important in order to achieve the optimum performance and safety from your stove.

Cleaning and properly maintaining your pellet stove can help ensure that you have an efficient stove that will last for years to come, and the amount of money you save on heating costs will help make that cleaning time well worth it. To learn more about cleaning pellet inserts in San Diego, please visit this website.


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